Success University, Scam Or a Good Income Stream? – The Uncensored Success University Review – University Review

Along my journeys I come across many different MLM/Network Marketing opportunities.  From time to time I like to look into these companies to see on a high level what they offer, and what they are all about.  This adds to my knowledge and can be useful to you if you are researching opportunities.On this particular occasion I was approached by a Success University (SU as they are generally called) student, and she came across very friendly and dedicated to her opportunity, which I respect.So today I am focusing on a question in many peoples minds – Success University, Scam or great income stream? I will be getting under the bonnet of this business and providing a brutal Success University review.Background – SU is run by Success Learning Systems, Inc.  They have been running for over 4 years and report over 100,000 students in 180 countries.The Company – They are members of the Direct selling organisation.  This is a good start in response to the question: Success University, Scam or a great Income Stream?They report that their management team consists of Matt Morris (CEO), Jimmy Bellow (COO), Kyle Lowe (Director),Traci Williams (Director) and Ed Ernsting (Director).The Products – They offer personal development products to their members, who in return pay a monthly fee to become students.  Each active student has the ability to re-sell the SU services, which they term as “Earn as you learn”.Their products include physical and digital media including some of the network marketing greats such as Jim Rohn, Zig Ziglar, and many others.The Compensation Plan – If you are like me you are probably interested to see how their compensation plan stacks up.  Come on, it would be crazy to not include it in this Success University review.  Well from what I can see, like most MLM opportunities out there the sky is the limit depending on your motivation.They have a “Dual Team” methodology, where you are rewarded by building 2 direct teams, left and right.  Commission is paid out on infinite levels.There are 3 main streams of commission/bonuses, weekly fast start (unlimited earning potential), weekly dual-team (up to $10K per week), and monthly dual team (up to $40k per month).The Success University review Conclusion – Personally I am into personal development products, so it sounds like a good product to distribute and be associated with. As for the potential earnings, the compensation plan clearly has room for substantial earnings.  However you need to know how to market the product well to take full advantage.To answer the question: Success University, Scam or great income stream? I would say SU is not a scam in my opinion.  The negatives are that there is a monthly commitment to be an active member, and in these economic times customers may not want to pay this.  However, like many MLM opportunities if you don’t work hard or smart you will fail.I believe If the correct marketing sales funnel is attached to this business, a system that will generate multiple leads per day for FREE I can see great potential.

Online Millionaire University Review – University Review

Have you come across Online Millionaire University yet? This is a new school that is claiming it will help you achieve a 6 or 7 figure income as an internet marketer. Having heard these many claims before with products online has made me very skeptical about what I spend my money on. Read my Online Millionaire University Review to see what I make of this new internet marketing school.Online Millionaire University is an affiliate marketing school that offers you an education in internet marketing as well as tools and resources that are included in the monthly fee. Having been around internet marketing for quite a few years I understand the complexity of what you must learn in order to do well at it. The first thing that sent up red flags for me when reviewing this program was the long sales copy of their website. It took me quite some time to sift through the many “promise of 6 or 7 figure” videos and screen shots showing their income before they finally went into what your membership would include. This alone made me doubt the quality of the program that they offer and prompted me to write an online millionaire university review. It is my goal to help others side-step the lesser quality programs available and find the higher quality resources that will help you succeed and make it possible for you to earn money online.Although the tools and resources look promising, a website builder that will help you create a website in minutes, training and support, a free domain name, emails and website hosting, as well as a forum where you can learn from others; the many “perks” that they offer included in your membership fee sounded very similar to another online university that has an amazing reputation and a much lower monthly membership fee. Also, they offer a weekly trial for very little, and I don’t think a trial period is necessary if they truly provide a quality education, simply because you can’t possibly learn everything in a week. And my theory is if they offer a money back guarantee why would you need a trial period? I have seen better resources available to people looking to educate themselves in the field of internet marketing, and the monthly fee is simply far too high for what you would be receiving. For these many reasons I can’t recommend Online Millionaire University.

Renegade University Review – Will This Training Really Help You Grow Your MLM? – University Review

In the recent past, a particular book called the Renegade Network Marketer has spawned a huge following, and even a particular training geared around it which teaches some of the behind the scenes marketing of it. However, what is this training course really all about, and is it worthwhile, or just another online scam?Now, let’s dig into precisely what Renegade University offers. At its core, it is a complete free training curriculum put together by the people at marketing merge. One of the major focuses of the 7 part training lesson is taking you from a point of hunting and searching for prospects, beggin family and friends, to using a technique called attraction marketing to bring prospects and potential business partners to you.One of the first beginning lessons over there at Renegade University centers around really figuring out who your best prospects are, and hint, hint, it isn’t everyone, and learning how you can help them out with your business or product.The next natural step is to learn how to use the internet to put yourself front and center in front of those best prospects. This is where they say the rubber meets the road at Renegade University.The general idea is to use something known as content marketing to get in front of those prospects you identified earlier.Content marketing is a technique where you create free content in either text, audio, or video and get in front of people on search engines or social networks to generate free network marketing leads.The training there at renegade university goes into creating various forms of content, to include creating articles, videos, and using things such as web 2.0 sites, all of which are very popular online.The general concept is that while the prospect is using the internet to research some issue that they are having, they find your content, and if your information is good and helpful enough, go ahead and request for information from you via your email series.So, how precisely does this help you in grow your business? Instead of hounding them to buy your “stuff” you instead have earned their trust by giving them useful information first, which naturally builds an attraction towards you and what you offer in your business or product.In summary what does this individual renegade university review think, is this all a scam or not? Completely not a scam, and in fact is one of the better courses out there teach beginners about online marketing and attraction marketing to grow their MLM business.To learn even more about Renegade University, read below and click on the link for more information.

Discover the Wealthy Affiliate University Review – University Review

I found the wealthy affiliate program so good that I feel that anyone who is interested should read the wealthy affiliate university review to see for themselves just what is going on here. This university is taking the world by storm and you are going to be very surprised with the results if you take the time to do the program as instructed.There are many programs available but the wealthy affiliate university review clearly shows that the six week program is by far the best. Each week you are giving a set of instructions to study and put to use in your affiliate marketing business. I found that taking my time and not rushing through the program gave me the most benefit. Avoiding temptation to jump ahead in the lessons is very important.You are going to learn in the wealthy affiliate university review how the program works and how the ongoing support has helped thousands of people just like you and me realize the dream of owning their own Internet business. The weekly classes are comprehensive and there is nothing left out. You will exit the six week program knowing everything that you need to know to become a success.There may be many who feel that it did not do much for them. Just as anything else, you have to study the program the way you are told. Then and only then will you find success and they wealth that you are looking for. We all have the desire to succeed and if your desire is to succeed on the Internet then this program is definitely worth a second look.The wealthy affiliate university review will give you real information that is usable. Reading it carefully and using the information provided will prove to be the best thing that you can do for your business and your family. The program works just like any other class that you would take online. This is the difference between the wealthy affiliate and other programs that make empty promises in an attempt to separate you from your money.You would not attend any university or class without investigating their program so why would the wealthy affiliate university review be overlooked? If you are seeking to begin your business or if you have been in the business for quite some time you will find the information needed to be successful here.

Why is it Important to Read Online University Reviews? – University Review

There are numerous universities but learning the practical way has become popular among young people. With an overabundance of information that it provides to the youngsters from various countries, online colleges and universities are not just a fantasy but a reality where one can gain t proper knowledge in various field. With the increase in demand of courses and education, several new schools and colleges are coming up lately and their online courses and degrees are by students being cheaper and saving their time. Those students who want to earn job experience along with their career find such career options as the best. Before choosing any college online, it is important that you go through online university reviews to know, if the college is worth taking admission or not.Online university reviews are great way to know about the history and background of a university. Looking at the increase in demand of the online colleges, many people have established their own schools that are not approved and recognized by government. They tempt students to take admission in their colleges by offering them great concessions and discounts. You may also be fooled by any of such college or university. Thus, reading reviews and searching for the real deal is very important. There are few important things that you need to keep in mind before choosing an online degree program.o You must go through the background of the college and also find out for the years of experience it has.
o You should not take admission in a college that is completely unknown to you.
o Do not pay fees to any college or institute until and unless you are not sure about it. You must call the customer care of the university. Talk to them and confirm there physical address. You should also clear all your doubts, and must learn about any terms and conditions that the university or college has.

Home Wealth University Review – University Review

This unbiased Home Wealth University review is from someone who does not stand to gain from the review. The reviewer is not affiliated with this company. The review is based on facts as seen by the reviewer and hopes to be provide a starting point for your own review.Launched in September 2009 by Ben Glinksy, the Home Wealth University is still alive and kicking. One thing to note about Ben Glinksy is that he has launched numerous systems like these. Usually his systems create a lot of hype, gain momentum and then fizzle off. This makes me wonder what the lifespan of this company will be. I think if you are looking to join this venture, you must keep in touch with present distributors to determine if the program is going to last.When you become a distributor or rep, you will be joining in a 3×6 forced matrix. This matrix has 2 placements, one in the company matrix which is filled from left to right and depends on the order of enrollment. The second position is in your personal team matrix, in which you will be placed directly under your sponsor. This is the reason why the Home Wealth University compensation plan is referred to as the double acceleration matrix.You can make money as a Home Wealth University distributor in four different ways. When you enroll a new associate, you are paid a Fast Start Bonus of $25. The next bonus is the 3×6 matrix bonus, which entitles you to a 3% on each position across 6 levels. Nest we have the matching bonus, which goes down 4 generations and pays a handsome 30%. Finally the Power Pool pays you out of the total company profits.So what are the Home Wealth University products? As you might have guessed, the company offers training products and cater to the education market. The products cater to the “online money making” niche and include digital training and education products. Topics include Network Marketing, Internet Marketing, Real Estate Investments and Debt Consolidation. This product does not seem unique from my perspective as there are numerous such resources available online. If this company succeeds in pooling all the information in one place and has it all organized, this may make the product stand out a bit.Enrollment into the Home Wealth University involves a one time fee of $30 followed by a $29.95 recurring fee. These costs seem pretty affordable but you must decide for yourself whether the product offers value and has a market.If you want to make any money with the Home Wealth University, you must use the power of the Internet to gain exposure. If you are enterprising enough, you can take your business offline as well. Most distributors who join companies like this company find that their biggest hurdle is setting up a sales funnel which will enhance their personal marketing.Trying to market the same replicated website as every other HWU distributor will result in substandard results. Personal Branding is the key to success with Home Wealth University. Your marketing system should allow you to brand yourself as a leader and a person whom they can turn to.After reading this Home Wealth University review you will understand the need to have a good MLM marketing system in place in order to polish your skills and generate income. A good marketing system will help you connect with interested people, build teams and be successful.

Wealthy Affiliate Review – Brutally Honest and Detailed Report From a Longtime Insider – University Review

If you’re expecting another rosy, sugarcoated review – you’ve come to the wrong page. Since Google’s search results are swamped with those already, I’m not going to bother and waste your time with another one.I want to give you the most comprehensive and objective look into this training community from the insider’s perspective. No hype – just personal observations and facts.What Exactly Is It and Who’s Behind It?Wealthy Affiliate University is an online Internet marketing training resource and tight-knit community of online marketers at different levels of expertise. Originally started in August of 2005 by two of the highly successful affiliate marketers (Kyle & Carson), WA fairly quickly emerged as one of the most complete online training hubs in the Internet marketing circle.What Wealthy Affiliate University Isn’t and Who Should Stay Away From ItWealthy Affiliate is not some guaranteed-money-tomorrow scheme. If you’re the kind of a person who’s looking to build the cash empire in a week by learning a couple of tricks – WA is not for you. It’s a serious learning resource and you get back exactly what you put into it.Wealthy Affiliate focuses on teaching people how to set up profitable online businesses – and treating those businesses as any other business. Mainly understanding that any type of serious returns will require some time, hard work and dedication.Tools and ResourcesThe number of training resources could seem overwhelming at first. That’s why they’re broken down into smaller chunks so that they can be absorbed gradually. Every single tutorial is laid out in simple understandable format with several sub-tutorials in each section.

Cheap Hotels in Orlando Near Universal – University Review

Universal Studios is a wonderful place that offers amusement parks, rides shows and thrills and there are many cheap hotels in Orlando near Universal Studios. If you have ever been on vacation to Orlando, you certainly have had to plan on where you are staying, for how long, how far away your hotel is from the theme parks, and calculate all sorts of costs and find ways to achieve a trip that is within your budget.There are all sorts of travel destinations around the world. Some of which have been around for millenniums, while others have only just sprung up recently. Whether you want to travel to explore the artifacts of ancient Rome or Bethlehem, or plan a return trip to Universal, surely having a cheap hotel in Orlando near universal can not only cut costs, but also cut travel time and allow you to spend more time seeing the shows and rides that you want.During the 1970s, Orlando in Florida was known as a farming town. However, when Walt Disney World arrived, it soon became a hot spot for tourism that attracts millions of people every year to its friendly resorts and theme parks.Finding cheap hotels in Orlando near Universal may cause many to think that the nearer you are to Universal Studios the more expensive hotel prices will end up being. However, this is not the case if you know where to look.Searching online is an ideal place to start when you want to find great deals on cheap hotels in Orlando. Not only that, but you can compare prices with other hotels in the area you are searching, which will help to determine where you go. Before deciding on which cheap hotel you want to pay for, it is a good idea to think about the amenities, cost, quality, reviews, star rating, distance and transportation that is generally included in many hotels at popular resorts.These will help to provide an overall impression of a potential hotel that comes at a cheap price. Just because you are paying for a cheap hotel does not have to mean that the quality of the hotel is bad. Your experience in Orlando should be one that leaves a lasting impression for good reasons, which is why you should take the time to find a hotel that is both affordable and with sufficient quality.Yet, if you want to secure cheap hotels in Orlando near Universal it is wise to book your hotel two months in advance. There is no point searching for a deal, only to ponder about it before searching for another deal that you may not find. When you find a deal worth taking, take it and book your room. Once you have done the booking, you can focus on another aspect of your holiday, which may include your clothes for the duration of your holidays.

Reviewing Online Colleges and Universities – University Review

There are so many online colleges and universities that are out there, it is hard to keep up with which of these will offer the best education to you. You are always bombarded with ads, commercials in regards to this school and that school as you try to determine which of all of the online colleges, and universities will be the one that meet your needs. You will need to look at all of the options and narrow the schools down by the level of education that they offer to you. Since so many of them now exist this is no easy task.The first thing you will need to do is make sure that the online colleges and universities you are looking at are accredited and that they offer a full degree in the program you are looking to major in. The schools will all promise you quality education and will say that your degree will help you get further, but you need to look at the facts and know how well the people who have gone here are doing and if they have jobs upon graduation.These are keys to help you in deciding if the school will meet your needs and will let you achieve the success you want.Not all of the online colleges and universities are going to be the same, and it will be up to you look and determine if the program will meet your specific needs or if you will be in essence wasting your time and will be unable to get what it is that you want from the school. Make sure to look at other reviews as well as doing your own research before making a final decision on where you will continue your schooling.

University of San Francisco Online – Internet Marketing Training Review – University Review

The University of San Francisco is a real and accredited university, and was established in 1855. However, their online division is based out of Tampa, Florida and all classroom training for internet marketing is held online. Here is a review of that online training department which offers a number of programs and courses involving internet marketing.The University of San Francisco offers an internet marketing program which features nine different courses, with each course requiring 8 weeks to complete. They also offer something called a “Master Certificate in Internet Marketing”, which features three of those courses. The “Master Certificate” program can be completed in approximately 6 months, at a cost of $5,995. Make note that the “Master Certificate” program only focuses on 3 of the nine courses. Any student who gains this certificate and expects to be successful at internet marketing, will be still be missing vital information which is found in the other 6 courses.The price for each separate course varies, with the lowest being $1980, and the highest priced being $2480. However, it should be pointed out that if a student were to complete all nine courses, the total cost of the online marketing program would be $21,470, and would take approximately one and half years to complete. All of the training courses feature prerecorded videos, with most videos lasting between 10-15 minutes in length. Students are also invited to attend a one hour weekly live webinar, in which they may ask questions when the instructor finishes the seminar.The USF marketing training program appears to be extensive, and should allow anyone who is new to the business to grasp the concepts of internet marketing. However, it is important to understand that this program, even if completed at $21,470, will still require the student to choose an affiliate company or incorporate a start-up business, at an additional cost. Anyone seeking to earn money online as an internet marketer, should begin exploring a number of opportunities, in order to evaluate what costs, skills, and training will be necessary to become successful, after the online courses have been completed.There is a learning curve for internet marketing, and those who enter the field, will realize immediately that internet training is a very critical step in the process. The University of San Francisco online program does offer extensive theory and training, however, they do not have a mentoring program or additional support for the individual who will be faced with the challenge of entering the online world after graduation with USF.